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SEC Filings

APTEVO THERAPEUTICS INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/13/2017
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Knowledge.  “Knowledge” of any particular matter shall mean [***].  

Legal Requirement.  “Legal Requirement” shall mean any federal, state, local, municipal, foreign or other law, statute, constitution, principle of common law, resolution, ordinance, code, edict, decree, rule, regulation, ruling or requirement issued, enacted, adopted, promulgated, implemented or otherwise put into effect by or under the authority of any Governmental Body.

Patents.  “Patents” shall mean patents (including utility, utility model, plant and design patents, and certificates of invention), patent applications (including additions, provisional, national, regional and international applications, as well as original, continuation, continuation-in-part, divisionals, continued prosecution applications, reissues, and re-examination applications), patent or invention disclosures, registrations, applications for registrations and any term extension or other action by a Governmental Body which provides rights beyond the original expiration date of any of the foregoing.

Person.  “Person” shall mean any individual, entity or Governmental Body.

Proceeding.  “Proceeding” shall mean a suit, proceeding, hearing, enforcement, audit, investigation, arbitration or other action.

Products.  “Products” shall mean WinRho, HepaGam B, and Varizig, including any related biologics license applications.

Registered IP.  “Registered IP” shall mean all Intellectual Property that is registered, filed, issued or granted under the authority of, with or by any Governmental Body, including all Patents, registered Copyrights, registered Trademarks, domain names and all applications for any of the foregoing.

Representatives.  “Representatives” shall mean, with respect to a Person, such Person’s legal, financial, internal and independent accounting and other advisors and representatives.

Subsidiaries.  “Subsidiaries”, when used with respect to any party hereto, shall mean any corporation, limited liability company, partnership, association, trust or other entity of which securities or other ownership interests representing more than 50% of the equity or more than 50% of the ordinary voting power (or, in the case of a partnership, more than 50% of the general partnership interests) are, as of such date, owned by such party.

Tax or Taxes.  “Tax” or “Taxes” shall mean any net income, alternative or add-on minimum tax, gross income, gross receipts, sales, use, value added tax, ad valorem, transfer, franchise, profits, license, withholding, payroll, employment, excise, severance, stamp, occupation, municipal tax, municipal surcharge premium, property, environmental or windfall profit tax, custom duty or other tax of any kind whatsoever, together with any interest or any penalty, addition to tax or additional amount imposed by any Governmental Body responsible for the imposition of any such tax (domestic or foreign).

Tax Return.  “Tax Return” shall mean any return, statement, report, tax filing or form (including estimated Tax returns and reports, withholding Tax returns and reports, any schedule or attachment, and information returns and reports) required to be filed with respect to Taxes.

Territories.  “Territories” shall mean the U.S.A. and its territories, commonwealths, and protectorates, Canada, and all other countries in which the Products have been Commercialized, or in which any attempt to Commercialize them has occurred (such as submission of applications to Governmental Bodies) between August 1, 2016 and the Closing Date, all of which are listed on Part T of the Disclosure Schedule.

[*** ] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.

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